we are unique

Your company's technology mirrors its corporate culture – when one expands or changes, so does the other. Unfortunately, the teams responsible for application development and corporate design and branding are usually separate unique entities. There is a rift in the communication between the two most fundamental business foundations.

At Silver Salmon, we think of your business as a whole. We tie durable graphic representation with flexible application development. We help our clients to work more efficiently and communicate more clearly, which builds a foundation for growth and in turn generates new opportunities.

what we do

Because of our unique team of developers, designers, and project managers, we offer a wide range of services. From full scale custom application development, to identity, print and web design, we deliver world class solutions for both large and small clients.

We want to simplify the process of growth for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a solution that makes us no longer be needed.

Think simple, see clearly.